Project Description

Title: Market study of Sokoni online infrastructure marketplace platform

Project Location: Tunisia

Sokoni is an online marketplace for infrastructure projects in Africa. The overall objective of the project was to conduct an independent evaluation on the budget components prepared for the Sokoni project, including in-kind contributions and to ensure the fair and balanced ownership of IP rights between partners and to provide the African Development Bank with analytical opinions, recommendations and various option possibilities that will enhance the implementation of the Sokoni project.
The deliverables from the project were as follows:
  • A comprehensive and detailed evaluation on the pricing of each component of the Sokoni budget estimate in terms budget fit and appropriateness. This included licensing fees and development fees based on time and effort as well quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis;
  • A comparative review of key similar initiatives particularly in terms of budget versus success;
  • A comparative review of similar technologies especially in terms of functionality and licensing;
  • Key finding and recommendations.