Project Description

Title: Independent evaluation of export promotion projects of Enterprise Mauritius

Project Location: Mauritius

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) is the national Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) in Mauritius, which has been entrusted with the responsibility to promote and facilitate exports of goods and services from Mauritius.

The objectives of this project were to provide an assessment of the effectiveness (impact and success rate) of EM’s participation in and organisation of promotional events in relation to the broad objectives set for each event and the identification of areas and measure for improvement of effectiveness ensuring maximum return on marketing investments.

The tasks which were undertaken for this assignment include the following:

  • A review of the existing post-event evaluation system of EM with respect to the process, feedback forms and follow up actions;
  • Interviews with Mauritian exhibitors and buyers in EM’s promotional events to assess their success and level of satisfaction of participating in the event, with regard to their objectives and expectations; i.e.:
    • Increase in exports (orders received and or receivable)
    • Consolidation of existing contacts
    • Generating new contacts ( number and quality)
    • Creating visibility for products
    • Platform to gather intelligence on competition and trends
    • Introduction of a new product(s)
  • An assessment of the level of preparedness of EM in terms of organisation, logistics, marketing, match-making and public relations;
  • An impact assessment of promotional events in improving the image and visibility of Mauritius as a ‘sourcing destination’;
  • As assessment of the level of follow-up actions undertaken by the exhibitors to optimize opportunities on contacts established at events;

One of the expected results of the project was the development of a new/refined/enhanced post-event evaluation system to ensure the capturing of relevant project data and information for analysis and comparative purposes.