Project Description

Title: Call-down support to the ACP Group in Geneva for WTO negotiations and links to EU-ACP EPA negotiations

Project Location: Geneva, Switzerland

The project is funded by the Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF). Its overall objective is to enable the effective participation of the ACP Group and LDC/LIC ACP-member delegations in WTO trade negotiations and ensure that ACP Group trade negotiation positions are well defined, co-ordinated and represented across WTO and EU-ACP EPA negotiations.

Specifically, the project undertook to:

  • Increase access to technical and legal research by the ACP Group for use in various WTO negotiations;
  • Enhance the ACP Group’s technical and negotiation capacity in engaging in various WTO negotiations;
  • Increase the ACP Group’s access to key alliance building meetings for various WTO negotiations.


Results from the project were:

  • Enhanced analytical and negotiation skills of the ACP Group delegations and the ACP Secretariat in Geneva, and improvements in their understanding of the relevance of issues under negotiation for ACP Member States.
  • Improved dialogue and common positions on pertinent issues in the WTO between ACP Group Geneva missions and capitals for WTO negotiations.
  • Better synchronisation of commitments under WTO negotiations with those under other trade negotiations (i.e., the EU-ACP EPA negotiations) with a view to preserving the development prospects of ACP Group countries.
  • Enhancement of collaboration between ACP missions in Geneva and Brussels, as well as ACP missions in Geneva and relevant ministries in capitals.