Project Description

Title: The Final evaluation of the 9th EDF RISP 1 and the mid-term review of the 10th EDF RISP continuation (RISP 2)

Project Location: COMESA region

In this project, Enabling Environments analyzed and evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of the Regional Integration Support Programme (RISP) initiative for COMESA and the EU. The purpose of RISP is to assist the Eastern and Southern Africa region’s integration process by facilitating the Regional Organizations (ROs) to fulfill their mandate through supporting policy formulation, implementation as well as monitoring of the regional integration agenda.

A review was conducted to evaluate the state of affairs regarding the implementation of the contribution agreements, to record achievements, identify potential problematic issues and formulate recommendations.

Based on the results, the final evaluation assisted in:

  • Re-orientating the activities of RISP;
  • Recommending options for future programmes;
  • Assessing the use and effectiveness of the contribution agreements between the European Union and COMESA as an aid-delivery tool.