Project Description

Title: Comprehensive study on the Common External Tariff rates on sensitive items

Project Location: East Africa Region (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda)

The study on the Common External Tariff (CET) Rates on sensitive items sought to:

  • Critically analyse the products in the sensitive list;
  • Map out the integration and mainstreaming of sensitive rates into a three band structure and;
  • Provide a roadmap.

Additional tasks included:

  • Analyzing data therein on imports and local production;
  • Determining the impact of sensitive rates on the importation of the products under the sensitive list;
  • Reviewing the Council criteria for sensitive list items and its applicability to the list and assessing the impact of sensitive rates to the respective sectors;
  • Analyzing through international best practices benchmarks other measures for protecting sensitive items;
  • Developing a mechanism for the integration of the sensitive products under the three band structure;
  • Developing a road map for mainstreaming the sensitive products into the three band structure;
  • Recommending measures for sensitive products that may require protection from time to time.