Project Description

Title: Integrated Value Chain for Improved Agro-food Competitiveness in EAF

Project Location: EAF (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania)

The objective of this project was to improve the competitiveness and export potential of agro-processing (food products) businesses through supporting selected Intermediary Organisations (IO) in the tea and dairy sector to develop an integrated value chain approach. The project provided technical support to IOs enabling them to work along the whole value chain and assist their members in addressing some of their key competitiveness constraints, such as production cost, product differentiation/branding (based inter alia on regional identity), product pricing (based on an in-depth understanding of the cost structure), market identification and network facilitation to enable the consistent supply of significantly volumes of high-quality products.

In total eight workshops were provided across four countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, providing training to participants from 27 different IOs in the tea and dairy sectors. As a result of the workshops the IOs were able to identify key issues in the value chain and linked these to their role, identifying new objectives/roles for the organization, and developing action plans targeted at the improved performance of the organizations with regards to the implementation of the IVC approach in the tea and dairy sectors.