Appui à l’intégration de Madagascar au Système Commercial International (Support to the integration of Madagascar to the International Trading System)

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in Madagascar, through supporting the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs of Madagascar in its integration into the International Trading System. The project started in January 2018 with an Inception Meeting where key stakeholders met our experts to discuss the projects different dimensions. Representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs of Madagascar were joined with representatives of the Private Sector to raise the on-going issues faced by the country in terms of Market Access, Legislation, Competitiveness and Trade Policies, amongst others.

Two representatives of the Enabling Environments Backstopping Team joined our three Key Experts, Logistics Expert and PMU’s representative from TradeCom II, in Antananarivo, to participate in a series of Training Workshops from the 6th to the 10th May 2018.

The technical assistance team successfully delivered tailor-made presentations, and practical team and individual exercises to about 60 participants over the 3 days.

On 10th May, the final workshop started with the team leader and the other 2 key experts giving an overview of the results accomplished and a guiding introduction to all of the previous and upcoming presentations and their relevance to each stakeholder group as well as to the three dimensions and deliverables of the project. The Closing Ceremony, headed by the Directeur Générale du Commerce Extérieur du Ministère du Commerce et de la Consommation, gave the opportunity to the TradeCom II and Enabling Environments’ team to thank the stakeholders present for their support in the implementation of the project. After the closing ceremony, a specific training session on policy analysis instruments , such as the WITS, and negotiations to which 20 staff of the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Affairs participated in.

After five months of implementation, the project’s activities ended, and all deliverables were submitted. The project highlighted ongoing issues as well as providing many recommendations and tools to public and private sector organisations on how to effectively support Madagascar’s endeavour towards regional and international integration.