Enabling Environments implemented an EU Technical Barriers to Trade (EU-TBT) funded project in the Togo from January to September 2016. The objective was to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Togo and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Promotion and Tourism of the Togo to promote quality in agricultural value chains and in the integration of the Togo at regional and global level.

Enabling Environments’ experts reviewed and worked on improving the Quality Infrastructure of the Togo; built capacity of key stakeholders of the National Quality Infrastructure System (SNIQ) of the Togo through training workshops and seminars; trained regulatory authorities and key stakeholders of the agro-food industry on Quality Management, Standards, Norms and the path towards accreditation; and increased awareness on the international standards requirements and norms to help the Togo’s endeavour at regional and international trade integration and promotion. Our team prepared status/needs reports, a strategic document aimed at upgrading the SNIQ of the Togo, activity reports, assessments before and after training sessions to Laboratory executives, diagnostics and recommendation reports.



Enabling Environments provided 22 training sessions [on the HACCP system; on sanitary, hygiene and manufacturing practices (GHP, GMP); on food traceability system, on food safety and environmental management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and the Global Gap)] to more than 50 youth, women and men entrepreneurs, from Lomé, Assanhoun and Amlamé over the 9 months. We organised and led 2 seminars including a large national awareness workshop on World Trade Organisation requirements on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and Sanitary/Phyto-Sanitary (SPS), international standards and their role in the trade integration of Togo. The workshop welcomed seasoned and young entrepreneurs, laboratory executives and attendants, Ministry representatives, an EU representative and the media.

The ACP EU TBT Programme Administrator were pleased with our performance and indicated that all the results indicated were fully achieved.