Since November 2015, a Technical Assistance project in collaboration with the Rwandan Private Sector Federation (PSF) and TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) has been running in Kigali, Rwanda. The objective is to support the Rwanda Private Sector and Civil Society Organisations in strengthening their position in areas of research, advocacy and private-public dialogue, so as to effectively represent the interests of its members.

Luc Verscoore, the Project Director for the project, was on a 2-week mission in Kigali in August 2016. During that time, Luc met with the Team Leader Angela Katama, and the senior local experts to review and discuss the work undertaken and the work planned for the next few months.

The Project Director also met TMEA Programme Officer, Mr David Butera, to review the Project’s progress, and discuss advocacy strategy implementation, the Research Agenda and other relevant issues. The main aim of the meeting was to ensure implementation of the project continued successfully. Being in Kigali was also an opportunity for us to greet the newly appointed TMEA Country Director, Ms Patience Mutesi, who took office in July 2016. This mission was a well-timed opportunity to touch base and update Ms Mutesi with the relevant progress and issues.

PSF has been instrumental in its collaboration with EE throughout the project providing valuable inputs to high-level meetings and infrastructure. Luc met with Mr Stefen Ruzibiza, the CEO of PSF, to review and assess progress and discuss the remaining work.

In addition, very productive meetings took place with the Rwandan Development Bank, the World Bank, the Ministry of East African Community (MINEAC), Private Sector Organisations, Civil Sector Organisations and other project stakeholders. Those meetings were a great source of feedback to gauge the progress achieved and to inform the review of the work plan for the remaining months of implementation.

The mission was a success and the resulting information and strengthening of relationships undoubtedly keep the project going strong into the next phase.