Togo2The key aims of the project Support to Agricultural Value Chain projects are to improve the legislative and regulatory framework, strengthen the capacity of institutions components of the NQI (National Quality Infrastructure), raise awareness of the food industry’s actors in quality processes and to give support towards certification.

The project kick-started in January 2016 and our team of experts met in Brussels in the same month for the inception meeting. Our team has since visited Lomé on separate occasions to meet with the different stakeholders.

The Team Leader visited  Lomé in February 2016 in order to assess the current legislative and regulatory framework and to analyse the NIQ’s structure and its functioning. This was followed by a meeting with the selected NIQ, MAEP, MCIPSPT, MPDAT, regulatory authorities and key stakeholders of the agro-good industry. The meeting saw the current framework and regulations critically assessed, the staff and organisations to benefit from the coaching, training and workshops were selected and the work plan and recommendations were discussed.Untitled design (62)

A second mission to Lomé took place in March with the main event being an awareness seminar on Quality Management in accordance to ISO 9001 requirements. The seminar took place at the Ministry of Commerce where 37 participants were introduced to the requirements of ISO 9001 and the integrated quality culture. The selected participants also met the companies they will work with. A training workshop on the HACCP system; sanitary, hygiene and manufacturing practices (GHP, GMP); food traceability system is set to follow.

For the next few months, the experts will offer coaching and training on food safety and environmental management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and the Global Gap) followed by an 80-participant strong awareness workshop on WTO requirements on TBT and SPS and international standards and their role in the trade integration of Togo. Training will be given to companies and organisations individually whilst the workshop will gather all stakeholders at a single venue.  Throughout the project, the team has strived to promote communication and awareness of global sanitary and trading practices for the improvement of Togo regionally and internationally.