Project Description

Title: Study on the Regulatory Framework of Burundi

Project Location: Burundi

The objective of this study was to evaluate the organization and functioning of the existing regulatory agencies in Burundi and to propose improvements in terms of efficiency, cost and transparency based on best practices in the following areas: telecommunications, insurance, communication, public procurement, agriculture, transportation and aviation.

Specifically, the project objectives were to:

  • Analyse and describe the organization of each regulatory agency (business plan, business objectives, organizational structure and staffing structure, funding and operating budget, operating procedures, mission and procedural framework);
  • Assess the operation of each agency in comparison to the legal texts of their creation (verify whether operations has been consistent, existing barriers, whether some current practices are outside of mandate and indicate whether and how these practices can be abolished);
  • Review operational procedures of each agency and evaluate whether they were being followed; list decisions and sanctions taken by each of the regulatory agencies since their inception, as well as official transcripts and/ or annual reports;
  • Provide an analysis to guide the government in the choice of models for an effective regulatory framework.