Project Description

Title: Capacity building to strengthen the Seychelles Bureau of Standards conformity assessment services

Project Location: Seychelles

The overall objective of this project was to improve the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in order to enhance trade competitiveness. The specific objective is to strengthen the capacity of Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS) to implement sound national quality policies. The project was divided into 2 sections: the first one dedicated to the revision of the national quality policy framework, while the second one provided capacity building and training to selected SBS staff.

5 training sessions were elaborated in:

(i) Standardization and technical regulation procedures (involving the staff of the NQI institutions);

(ii) Capacity building to strengthen the implementation of food safety management systems: training on the application of FSMS requirements (the ISO 22000; and HACCP systems) in food chains, training on implementation of HACCP plan/training on good practices (GAP; GHP; and GMP), training workshop on traceability systems;

(iii) Capacity building to strengthen SBS food microbiology and analytical testing laboratories: training on in-depth understanding and implementation of ISO, IEC 17025 and ISO 1518, training on good laboratory practices (GLP) and on preparedness of laboratory accreditation and procedures, training on microbiological analytical techniques –biotechnology laboratory, training on molecular method PCR in food control: genetically modified organisms, training on disposal of chemical waste and expired microbiological media, training on estimation of measurement uncertainty for microbial test methods;

(iv) Capacity building to strengthen the engineering and metrology services: training on metrological and technical requirements – metrology laboratory;

(v) Capacity building to strengthen SBS Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (IAL): training on the installation/use and maintenance of laboratory analytical equipment/troubleshooting exercises/advance training on installation and use of HPLC/FD, HPTLC, and GC analytical equipment, training on standard preparation and HPLC calibration procedures, training on the installation and the use of a Total Volatile Base –Nitrogen (TVB-N) equipment.