Project Description

Title: Improvement of the legal framework for the promotion of trade in health and education services

Project Location: Mauritius

The overarching aim of this project was to support Mauritius in its strategy to become a centre of excellence with respect to the provision of professional services in health and education by strengthening the regulatory environment to encourage more trade in health and education services.  The purpose of this project was to review the existing relevant services legislation and draft specific legislation in the health and education services sectors.

Enabling Environments achieved these objectives by:

  • Preparing and proposing a draft bill on human assisted reproduction technology, along with an explanatory memorandum for the bill;
  • Developing a code of practice on data protection for the medical sector;
  • Reviewing the proposed amendments made to the Tertiary Education Act and provided comments as well as recommendations for the tertiary education sector;
  • Undertaking a validation seminar with relevant stakeholders from the education and health sectors to ensure buy-in.