Project Description

Title: Ensuring transparency in trade policies and measures in accordance with the WTO provisions for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Location: Democratic Republic of Congo

This project aimed at ensuring transparency in the trade policies and measures of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in accordance with the WTO provisions, through the support to the DRC in the process of its trade policy review and the implementation of the recommendations from the Trade Policy Review Body. Moreover a system was developed via the project for notification and information in conformity with the WTO requirements.

The assignment involved providing assistance to the DRC in its Trade Policy Review at the WTO in Geneva, establishing a programme for the implementation of the TPR recommendation, organization of a workshop in Kinshasa on trade policy review and recommendations, ensuring the DRC meets its WTO commitments, including in terms of publications and notifications, reviewing the DRC notification process and providing training to government officials on notification requirements and establish enquiry points.