Project Description

Title: Development of a master plan for the Mauritian services sector

Project Location: Mauritius

The overall objective of the project was to develop a master plan for the Mauritian services sector which, following implementation, would result in the transformation of Mauritius into a full services-based economy. Tasks included:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the contribution of the Mauritian services sector to economic growth, disaggregated at sub-sector levels;
  • Proposing policy interventions to be taken, including fiscal measures, to support and develop key specific-targeted sectors with growth potential;
  • Identifying sectors that will require new domestic regulations and craft parameters for such legislative changes;
  • Identifying market access opportunities in international and regional markets for the key targeted sectors and outlining initiatives aimed at seizing such opportunities;
  • Outlining initiatives aimed at increasing the export of services and measures to attract increased volume of investment;
  • Proposing an institutional framework for export promotion in the services sector;
  • Conducting 7 focus group meetings;
  • Conducting validation seminar.